Just another human being on this globe. Trying to comprehend things around and to find the real passion of my own. Sometimes I felt like lost on the complexity of the life, the on-going system and so on. Found out few things I love and few things I hate but yet to explore more. Have some weird dreams, some of which is unrealistic at large.

I LOVE to do/think/talk about

I won’t say I am excellent about those stuffs but I love to think, do and talk about them.


I like cycling for the fun and for its usefulness. I cycle when I need to catch some fresh air or sometimes to challange myself. read more


Almost everyone loves to capture the moments. And I belongs to one of them. After getting familar with some photography tools and techniques, it feels like it will be hobby. Lets see. read more


When coding solves real world problem, it is nice. Thinking about the problem and solving it using few(sometime large) lines of computer code is the most amazing thing.

I HATE following things with a passion

I won’t like to do/think/talk about following stuffs. And i don’t want you guys to do that either, at least in-front of me.


I don’t like people be to biased due to whatever reason. Whether it is due to age, relation, history or position, it is bad anyway.

Blind Faith

Don’t belive anyone/anything blindly, whether it is religion or science.


Never ever discriminate other or ownself due to gender, color of skin, race, age, belife, religion.

Few Projects I LOVE to remember

Projects I had done and would like to remember when i feel down.

People Counter

Used LDR along with laser light to detect moving obstracle and hence to count the object passing by the way. Paraller port is used to communication with computer. Recently I ported the same hardware and logic to GPIO ports of R-Pi-2.

Meet SMS

Used web scraping technique to make and android app to utilize the web-sms feature provided by meet.net.np form Nepal Telecom. More stuffs are yet to be added on it.



And PHP, MySQL application to organize quiz. Questions and teams could be inserted on the database and it would provide interface to ask question, select question, rise score and so on.

e-pustkalaya App

An android application to access the books for online repository hosted by olenepal. We group of 3 developer did it for OLE Nepal while I was working for that organization.

SSH Dashboard

A plugin to JuiceSSH application on Android. It could be used to monitor the status of server along with exicuting some pre-defined commands/scripts on click of button.


We two friends decided to reach Lumbini from Kathmandu on Cycle. It took us 3 days and was full of fun and adventure. read on my blog


Some of the skills I have
  • Can make sense of Android and Laravel Application
  • Use version control systems(git/mercurrial)
  • Write/debug scripts
  • Manage a wordpress site
  • Administrate Linux System
  • Basic Computer Networking
  • Take snaps from a DSLR
  • Produce sound on flute
  • Cycle/hike up-to 12 hours a day

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